Restaurant and services of our farmhouse in Maremma, Tuscany

Typical products of Maremma

The food served within our restaurant is linked to  seasonal products.

In Winter we delight our guests with lots of soupsbrothstortelli pastared meat and gamewhile saladcold dishes and grilled foods are served during the Summer.

The kitchen uses products which have been produced by the farm using traditional natural cascade method:  fodder and cereal to feed our animals, tender wheat to make bread.

The cold meats and fresh chesses are very special, above all the “ravaggiolo” which is obtained by using fresh sheeps milk and milk from Amiata.

Furthermorecakesvegetables in sweet and sour sauces, stuffed vegetables and smoked cold meats are the personal contribution of Adriana.

As Piandartino also means tradition, apart from tasting food, guests can  help in the preparation of dishes, learning the best methods and best recipes of typical Tuscany food.

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Chiusura ristorante

Informiamo i nostri gentili ospiti che il ristorante rimarrà chiuso per tutto il 2020.